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Recognize the person that endeavors to enter your computer and thus make your computer data less available to other users
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25 November 2013

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Many of the large multinational organizations dealing with confidential customer details have enhanced security systems installed on the computer systems which prevent any data pilferage or sharing. Every staff member working is aware of the security protocol followed and individually all are responsible for the data they work on and ensure its safety. Correspondingly each of the systems is provided with the password facility which ensures no third party can access the system without the permission of the user. Malicious minds might try and attempt to break the password in order to accomplish any data theft; whether or not they succeed, there is absolutely no way to find out about the identity of the user. This problem can be tackled easily with Logon Sentry 1.2.8 that effectively monitors all such attempts and also captures image.

Logon Sentry opens with a compact and suitably designed interface which has all the main options placed at the bottom and main screen showing all the details of failed and succeeded login attempts with images of the respective users. It also shows the time and date of the login attempt for providing a precise data for the user to have a look. The program captures images from an iSight camera and this helps in identifying the exact identity of the logger. Any user can benefit from this application which can be of immense assistance in organizations dealing with critical data and information. It is designed to guard the system and secure it completely from any illegal break in with its 24 hour protection.

To sum up, Logon Sentry 1.2.8 certainly earns respectable kudos for its enhanced utility value and suitable performance in tracking user identities and thus earns a rating of four points for its impressive work.

Publisher's description

Monitor all login attempts both succeeded and failed. In order to prevent an access to your data, this program generates an alert and captures an image from the iSight camera. You won't be lost in guesses trying to figure out the identity of the outsider since Logon Sentry will recognize the spy and provide you with an image accuracy of the computer trespasser. Therefore it enables you to keep your computer under supervision when you are not present.
Logon Sentry is designed to guard your computer data and to secure it against illegal breaking into the system. Performing such functions as control over all Login Events by using iSight and detection of login fails this program thereby aims at providing you with 24-hour supervision of your computer data.
Logon Sentry
Logon Sentry
Version 1.2.46
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